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Remove Stains From Carpet With Ease

Let’s begin by talking about what a stain is. What exactly is a stain? Stains are simply when two dissimilar materials combine and have a physical or chemical reaction against each other. So what is the best way to fight them? There are so many different types of stains that it’s tough to talk about all of them, but I will give you a few great examples of what to do and what not to do to get the stains out of your carpet or rug.

Food, blood, wine, etc. stain removal from a carpet or rug

First of all, let’s talk about food stains and the effect that they will have on your carpet. With all stains your number one challenge is time. You need to get to the stain and clean it before it sets in or else it could be a lot tougher to remove. With food stains such as ketchup, the very first thing I do is grab the vinegar. Now you can have a mixture of vinegar and water or you can just use vinegar straight up and dump it on the stain. Remember how quickly you need to get there to do this, because if the stain sets in then the vinegar is even going to have a hard time taking care of it. Now if you don’t have vinegar in your house then you can simply switch to rubbing alcohol and just blot on a cloth. Then use the rag that you dumped the alcohol onto to rub the stain away. Now, if you’re having a hard time fighting the stain or maybe you just didn’t get to it fast enough, then you can make yourself of a very potent mixture to fight the stain. You can do this by using water dish soap and ammonia, but be sure that the dish soap does not have any bleach in it because you do not want to do any harm to your carpet or rug. Once you have that mixed then you can simply add your mixture to the stain and rub it out. After all the bubbles do their job then you just want to make sure to put more water on it preferably with a spray bottle and just give the stain one good rinse. Finish the rug by blotting it with a dry rag, and then your stain should be removed and your carpet should be looking back to normal… if not cleaner. Also, this is the same way that you would get stains of blood, mustard, and even wine out of your carpet or rug.

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Hardwood Flooring - Image: goseepaul.com

How to Install Flooring

Installation of flooring is a challenging process, but when as you read this article you will find it easy. Most of the people who plan on installing wooden flooring use hard wood flooring. There are so many advantages of hard wood flooring. Wood floors are available in various grades and widths. When it comes to beauty and durability, wood is the material of choice for floors. Wood flooring is very beautiful and practical in living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, and more. First of all you have to make a decision of what kind of flooring you want to install. We advise you to install hard wood flooring; it’s warm and inviting. Also, wooden flooring looks very rich. So now you are ready to install hardwood flooring. Now there are many types of wood flooring too. There are several different options available including painting the floor colorful patterns. You can also choose between strip flooring with thin pieces and plank flooring which is a little bit thicker. Also, remember this isn’t a good choice though if moisture collects on the floor of your house.

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How To Paint A Wall Yourself

There is a reason that many households pay professionals to paint, because it is not as easy as it looks and can also be very difficult on your body. Painting a room could take anywhere from an hour up to all day depending on how you prepped for the job, how fast you are, and also how many coats of paint you are going to put on. Although you don’t have to be a professional to do a good paint job it is also a bad idea just to throw a bunch of paint on a wall, so I am going to show you how to expertly paint your walls in as little time as possible. Let’s get started shall we?

What type of paint?

The first thing that you want to do is go to the store and grab some color swatches that you think that you want to use in your room. Do yourself a favor and grab enough so that you can make yourself one big swatch. The tiny swatches will not do your wall justice, and therefore will not give you an idea of what you’re really about to throw on your wall. There are many different options to picking paint. First you need to choose a type of paint. Do you want latex-based paint or oil-based paint? Latex-based paint is not as much of a hassle to clean up or to work with. On the other hand, oil-based paints are very difficult to clean off of yourself and your paintbrush, but oil-based paints are stain resistant. Another factor that you want to take in is what type of finish you want to purchase. Last, but definitely not least you need to pick your color.

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