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How does a Humidifier Mist Fountain Work?

humidifier-mist-fountain-workAs indicated by its name the Humidifier Mist Fountain works by increasing the humidity and moisture in the air around us that we breathe in. It helps in combating dehydration from the air-conditioning; that is why certain humidifiers are connected to central air conditioning in the house. These are also used by people who employ it for aromatherapy, the mist in that case may have volatile oils said to relieve specific afflictions.

The markets have different models of these humidifier mist fountains available. Some are portable room units, whereas others are integrated in HVAC. Consider models with additional features. Ones that can monitor relative humidity are advisable. A quiet model, as well as an energy efficient is what you need.

Familiarization with the working procedure of humidifier mist fountain works is a must for those planning to rent or purchase them.

There is normally a water-filled reservoir. The water provides the moisture required for maintaining the humidity in the room. Just before setting on the humidifier, the aroma therapists add scents in volatile liquid form, suitable for certain conditions. This reservoir dispenses the scented water into the basin.

Two popular methods of producing humidity are utilized most commonly depending on the model.

1. Rotational disks in the basin spray water at these comb-like diffusers, which revolve at a high speed creating more droplets for these diffusers.

2. In case of ultrasonic, there are metal diaphragms instead of rotating disks that vibrate at ultrasonic frequencies, thus creating finer droplets along with negative ions.


A humidifier mist fountain works in such a way that these diffusers split the water into even finer droplets. The tinier the droplets are, the more efficient the humidity. It helps in creating a cooling effect eliminating the dryness.
Fan blow the finer droplets into narrow openings, which are essential for an uninterrupted delivery of mist.

A humidifier mist fountain works for the benefit of health, true especially in case the model you selected creates negative ions. That can only be achieved from huge moving bodies of water, such as the ocean or huge waterfalls. Nevertheless, like other appliances at home, you must clean the mist fountain regularly, especially the water reservoir and the basin. These tend to get contaminated with germs like bacteria, polluting the air around you instead of keeping it fresh.

christabailey • August 6, 2016

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