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Hardwood Flooring - Image: goseepaul.com

How to Install Flooring

Installation of flooring is a challenging process, but when as you read this article you will find it easy. Most of the people who plan on installing wooden flooring use hard wood flooring. There are so many advantages of hard wood flooring. Wood floors are available in various grades and widths. When it comes to beauty and durability, wood is the material of choice for floors. Wood flooring is very beautiful and practical in living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, and more. First of all you have to make a decision of what kind of flooring you want to install. We advise you to install hard wood flooring; it’s warm and inviting. Also, wooden flooring looks very rich. So now you are ready to install hardwood flooring. Now there are many types of wood flooring too. There are several different options available including painting the floor colorful patterns. You can also choose between strip flooring with thin pieces and plank flooring which is a little bit thicker. Also, remember this isn’t a good choice though if moisture collects on the floor of your house.

Just read these important instructions and you will know how to install flooring easily:

1) First of all, clear your floor area, and remove all the furniture and every single object from the ground. You will have to stack the wood flooring in your house for a few days; it will adjust itself according to the humidity level and temperature in your house. Make sure that the concrete floor is completely dry. Wood flooring cannot be placed on new concrete for at least sixty days, because it will get moisture from the concrete and will get rotten. So it’s better if you let it dry completely before you install wood flooring in your house.

Hardwood Flooring - Image: goseepaul.com

Hardwood Flooring – Image: goseepaul.com

2) The concrete floor must also be free of contaminants like paint, oil, wax grease, dirt and curing compounds. These may be removed chemically or mechanically as your local hardware store and they will sell you the correct floor cleaner. Remove every kind of dust from the floor using dust cleaners. If you leave a little dust over your sub floor it will cause the wood flooring installation. Now you have to do the sanding of the floor. If you concrete floor have some high spots then, sand down these high or rough spots using a sander. Purchase good quality sanders to sand down the high and rough areas of concrete floor. Now clean up any dust and sand from the floor. Now you have to apply a moisture barrier with a paint roller to your floor. This will seal the concrete and protect the hardwood floor. Go after wards when it’s completely dried.

3) Now it comes to the installing of hardwood flooring over the sub floor of concrete. Take a look around your room and find the longest wall. Apply the adhesive directly to the concrete floor starting from the longest wall. Now, place the wood flooring directly on the adhesive Press down the flooring on the adhesive. Just go along with pressing each board against each other. If you see some adhesive on the surface of wood flooring, remove it with a soft rag of mineral spirits, because if you leave a little adhesive on the wood it will create problem in the installing of flooring.

4) Remember to clean upwith mineral spirits as you are going along. For temperature changes and expansion, leave ¼ inches gap between the wood flooring and the wall while installing the wood flooring. This will keep the wood flooring safe for years. To keep the wood flooring in place once you laid it over the adhesive use painter’s tape and tape the boards together. Now lay down another layer of wood floor throughout the whole room. Continue with the laying of hard wood flooring over the whole room.

5) When you done with these steps walk very lightly over the flooring to make sure, each board is adhered to the adhesive you pasted before flooring of wood. Now the main flooring process is completed. All you have to do is now to wait for the adhesive to dry. Leave it more than 12 hours to dry completely. While adhesive and wood flooring is drying make sure you don’t allow traffic over the flooring. If you followed these steps then you don’t need to be worry about anything. Just let the adhesive drying to join the wood flooring layers. To make sure the flooring and adhesive make contact use a roller.

6) Check if the adhesive is dried completely or now. If it’s not dried completely you have to wait a little more. When it’s dried completely nail the 1/4″ round molding to the main wall to cover the expansion joint of wood flooring. You can use regular baseboard place of 1/4″ round molding. Now the hardwood flooring installation is done. You are ready to use your beautiful floor. It’s warm and beautiful.

A wood floor always gives a home a warm and more appealing look than any other type of flooring. Anyone can install hardwood flooring over concrete by following these basic instructions. Remember you have chosen the hardwood flooring and it will add years of beauty to your home. Don’t afraid to choose wood flooring just because wood expands and contracts with moisture and it can rot if left in contact with water, actually, wood is really a warm, beautiful flooring option for your house. If you install it perfectly it will last longer. Some people enjoy using ceramic tiles just because they look very nice but they will leave the floor feeling cold. So it’s better to choose wood flooring for your house, as we elaborated several beauties of choosing wooden flooring. Now you know how to install flooring.

Special Note – In these steps we have told you about the installation of Hardwood Flooring on a concrete base. And the wooden flooring used here is pre-finished.

christabailey • August 20, 2016

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