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Importance of Stud Finder Tool in a Home Renovation

When the individuals are shifting to the new house and want to hang down your favorite family photos, calendar, paintings, and many things on the wall, it is highly necessary to have a stud finder tool in hand. A stud finder is nothing but the simple handheld device which usually helps to locate the framing studs located behind the surface of the walls. It is typically used on the drywalls to find the different studs. This device is also called stud sensor or stud detector. The stud finders are usually available in two various categories such as:

  • Electric stud finders
  • Magnetic stud detectors

Both are very helpful for the same purpose of finding the studs behind the wall exterior.


Need for stud finders

Home shifting or making improvements in the existing home both require a stud finder tool for making the perfect planning of hanging different photos and artworks. They are usually hung on the stud so they will not fall down and more secured. For these main reasons, stud finding on the wall is very much important to all house owners. Using a magnetic or electric stud finder tool is highly efficient to locate the studs.

Once you have found the studs, it is highly necessary to make holes or marks on the certain spots for the further access. Using a stud finder tool on the walls is really very simple and easy process even for the beginners. There are both kinds of stud finder tools existing in the market to indicate the availability of the studs either giving you a sound or flashing the light. Both are very helpful to easily and quickly figure out the studs on the walls in the simpler manner.

Tips to find a right stud finder

choosing the right stud finder

In order to find the best stud finders, everyone needs to follow these steps suggested by the experts.

  • Every user has to make sure that your home wall is clear. If there are any photos or paintings hanging on the wall, first you have to remove all of them before starting a process of locating the studs.
  • Turn on the stud finder tool, and hold it on the wall. You have to press the given button until you will get beep sound or light flashes according to the type of your tool.
  • The light flashes and a device give you a beep sound where the stud is available on the wall.
  • To get the best results, it is always recommended using the stud finder tool in the horizontal direction on the wall.
  • Everyone must make sure that the stud finder’s button is pressed during this process.
  • The users should have a pencil or pen to mark the places where you get flashing light or beep sound from the stud finder.

The marked places are perfect to work hanging your photos, artwork, and various light fixtures for the best and attractive home improvements

christabailey • August 23, 2016

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